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Unfortunately, this subtle visual metaphor is often overlooked by viewers, because Pitt is so attractive that most actors will, in principle, look like Gollum in his background. On the set, there were some injuries. One day, part of a tooth broke off Pitt, but he left a chip, as he decided that this corresponded to his character. But in this scene, Edward Norton really hits Brad in the ear, although he should have faked the blow.This was due to David Fincher, who asked Edward to do this to add realism to the scene.

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Later, Barry Levinson's legal drama Sleepers was released, where Pitt played the role of a lawyer who was sexually abused as a child. His co-stars on the set were Kevin Bacon, Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro. For this picture, he received his most impressive fee at that time, $10 million. Hard Times

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